A Start Point is the point at which the player first spawns in a game.  Every project must have at least one Start Point, but can have an infinite number of them.  Currently the default Start Point is blue, but if a builder adds a red, green, or yellow Start Point, teams will be added to the game.    There can be up to four teams in a game, and when there aren't any teams, the game becomes a free-for-all (meaning that if there are weapons, there aren't restrictions to who a player can kill).  When there are teams, however, players can only kill those who aren't on their team.  A player can switch between teams by clicking a button on the bottom toolbar in-game, but this resets their Game Coin count if there are Game Coins in the game.

Each Start Point, side by side as seen with Logic shown (click to expand)


The GUI menu for selecting a team (click to expand)


Teams Button