Gold is KoGaMa's most valuable currency.  Currently, Gold can be used to purchase Materials, Blueprints, Logic Cubes, Premium Models, Premium Avatars, Avatar Accessories, and various products in the Marketplace.  Gold may be purchased by Credit Card, Paypal, and SMS, or can be obtained for free by playing games in KoGaMa.  Currently, on the Friends server, a player can earn 10 Gold for every new game that he/she plays, up to 100 Gold per day, while on the Main and Brazil servers a player can earn up to 2 Gold for each new game that he/she plays, which is up to 20 Gold per day.

The Gold Counter, as seen on the upper toolbar of the website

Package Name Gold Cubes Price
Tiny 800 US$3.99
Small 2,003  (+97) US$9.99
Medium 6,015 (+785) US$30.00
Big 10,025 (+3,975) US$50.00
Huge 13,033 (+6,967) US$65.00
Epic 18,045 (+11,955) US$90.00 (Best Value)
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