Coin is on Pickup-Center.


The date of creation of this Pick Up is 17 December 2014..

Coins are used for prize of any pickup or blueprint .

To complete fast prize needs coins.For each coins you takes you win 25 more coin in Coin Counter.You are near the prize.Coins are used for trade on the games, with example Names: Shop Center, Oculus Teleport etc.

Coins are too cool, buy this pickup with just 25 gold on kogama and kogama brasil or with just 10 gold in Friends kogama or Us kogama.

  • Use coin to make your game more cool.
  • Make more money in the game.
  • Play your game with other Kogamians
kOGAMA Gold 25 Silver 0
Gold 25 Silver 0
Kogama US Gold 10 Silver 0